Mermaid Diagrams

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graph TD
  Start --> Need{"Hugo version >= 0.93.0"}
  Need -- No --> Off["Set params.mermaid.enable = true"]
  Off --> Author
  Need -- Yes --> Author[Insert mermaid codeblock]

Mermaid Diagram

%%{ init : { "theme" : "neutral", "flowchart" : { "curve" : "stepBefore" }}}%%
graph TD
    A[Start] --> B[Error Identification]
    B --> C[Check Logs]
    C -->|Found Logs| D[Analyze Logs]
    C -->|No Logs| E[Check System Status]
    D -->|Issue Found| I[Apply Fix Based on Logs]
    D -->|No Issue| E
    E -->|Resources OK| F[Check External Dependencies]
    E -->|Resource Issue| J[Resolve Resource Issues]
    F -->|Dependencies OK| G[User Error Check]
    F -->|Dependency Issue| K[Resolve Dependency Issues]
    G -->|User Error| L[Instruct User Correctly]
    G -->|No User Error| M[More Detailed Analysis]
    I --> N[End]
    J --> N
    K --> N
    L --> N
    M --> O[Escalate]
    O --> N
    click B href "" "This is a link"